District 7 Trials Program

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AMA District 7 Trials Series


Welcome to D7 modern trials. Please attend a trials event in your area soon and you will experience the camaraderie amongst competitor and fans alike. Don't be afraid to ask questions of any participant. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors by hiking, taking pictures or just sharing the experience with others. 

Thank you for visiting our website and hope to see at an event.


Trials Series Schedule to be Posted when available.




* No Additional entry Fees
AMA Membership required for all events


D7 Modern Trials

Our Mission is plain and simple.

1. Stimulate interest in modern trials.

2. Create an exciting and challenging series.

3. Growth

4. Encourage young riders to participate and experience the enjoyment of riding trails.

D7 Modern  
Trials Class Structure, Revised 3/2/2012

1. Champ
2. Expert
3. Advanced
4. Intermediate 
5. Novice 
6 Beginner
7. Sr. Expert
8. Sr. A
9. Sr. 35
10. Sr. 45
11. Sr. 55
12. Vintage


Chris Hoffmeister LLC Sherco Motorcycles Sales and Service - chrishoff7@comcast.net

Dutrow's Honda Sales and Service - www.dutrowshonda.com

Fredericktown Yamaha-Triumph - www.fredericktownyamaha.com

R&T Motorcycle Club - randtclub.com

MAVT- www.mavt.org

NATC - www.natctrials.org

Modern Trials Supplies: Ryan Young Products- www.rypusa.com

Trials Training Events: Trials Training Center- www.trialstrainingcenter.com

Local Event Info: Bill Caron's Web Page- www.caroncustomworks.com

Trials Centeral- www.trialscentral.com  

For more trials info check out:
www.trialscentral.com  www.trialscomp.com  & www.mavt.org

2011 Trials Series Final Standings click here.

2010 Trials Final results

Laura Paugh places 3rd at Tennessee event.

Cool Trials video

Pictures from 4-19-09 Event

2009 D7 Trials Series Results

2008 D7 Trials Series Final Results

*** Click Event Date for Results ***


Click to play a neat Trial Riding Computer Game
Got shots to add to this slideshow? attach them to an email message to D7Photos@AMAdistrict7.com